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  1. Ash

    Forum promotion Discussion Hub - General Discussion Community

    Introducing Discussion Hub! Link: https://discussionhub.ioDiscussion Hub is a general discussion community aiming to help you get a little blast from the past. Cast your mind back to 2014. Life was simple. Forums were full of coloured usernames, special userbars and tight-knit communities. We...
  2. Claraviolet

    Mad dog drama discussion

    It's a drama about insurance fraud. Mad dog is the name of a private detective organization. Anyone watched it here? As I have been watching only cop drama lately, this is good for a change. If you are into mystery drama then I would certainly recommend this one to you.Do give it a ty if you...
  3. bomb

    TV Series The 100 TV Series Discussion

    I am borrowing this discussion idea from @Claraviolet I think it is an amazing way of sharing your views on the movies or series you have watched.If any of you has watched the 100 recently, let's discuss. Do you think they will get another world?
  4. Claraviolet

    Pandorum movie discussion

    This is a really good movie about, how trapped people can feel in a spaceship. I am getting ahead of the story.It's about humans trying to find another planet to live. Earth gets destroyed and they had to make sure the humankind survives but something unexpected happens, just then.Something...
  5. Claraviolet

    Life movie discussion

    I am aware of the fact that I have been posting only space related movies today but I just can't help it! I wish more people would see these films to know how amazing and deadly, the space could be. Anyway, this film is about an organism from Mars! You heard it right. In some distant future...
  6. Claraviolet

    Europa report movie discussion

    Well, first things first. This is a documentary like film. I am sure most of the people got bored of this movie, because of that.As for me, I loved it. It's about how mankind sent humans to Europa, to search for life on that planet. As we all know, due to the radiation interference we couldn't...
  7. Claraviolet

    Prometheus movie discussion

    This is a really good movie about yet another space adventure. I like how the humans try to reach out to their makers in this movie. Though I am not a big fan of David, I believe the entire fault lies on that old man. He really shouldn't have created a robot like David in the first place. Well...
  8. Claraviolet

    Gravity movie discussion

    How many of you guys watched this really cool movie? It's a short movie but it's exciting to watch. It's all about a crew who went into space to fix some communication related issue. Unfortunately, because of some debris approaching them at a very high speed, they now will have to flee, to save...
  9. Claraviolet

    Limitless movie discussion

    After posting a thread about Lucy movie, I had to post this movie thread as well.In this movie, people try to make drugs which can make people use their brain to its limit. Still, that drug can wear off just as easily. There are side effects to this drug tooI don't really think it's...
  10. Claraviolet

    Lucy movie discussion

    How many of you guys watched this movie here?I really like the concept in this movie. It's about what a human can do, if they can use their brain to the highest possible level. I really like the graphics in this movie. It's got a lot of blood and gore to it but nonetheless, it's very...
  11. Claraviolet

    Sixth sense movie discussion

    Anyone watched this movie here?It's a supernatural movie where a little kid can see ghosts. He struggles with it all his life and no one believes him. It has a really good plot twist in the end . If you haven't watched it, do try it. I have watched it like 5 times so far. It's one of my...
  12. Claraviolet

    Gravity discussion

    Gravity is one of the destructive forces in this world.It fascinates me to no end. I wish I could understand it better. I just can't really wrap my head around how it could exist without any physical medium in space. What do you guys think about gravity? Would you like to solve the mystery...
  13. Claraviolet

    Voice drama discussion

    It's a great detective drama. One of the female cops heard the sound of her father's killer. So now, she is on a hunt to catch that guy.Also, she got a gift of her own. She can here minute sounds and it's like a supernatural gift. I enjoyed watching this drama a lot.So, anyone watched it here?
  14. Claraviolet

    Passengers movie discussion

    It's a really good movie about space travel. It's set in some distant future where humans can travel across space to other colonized planets. People are kept in hibernation to lengthen their life span and to accommodate the pressure of being in space. Unfortunately a man's hibernation pod gets...
  15. Claraviolet

    2048 game discussion

    How many of you play this game, to kill some time? I have been playing this game for a while now and it's great to kill time. It's a simple game but if you mess up, you will have to start again and there is no end to it. You can keep on making bigger blocks. Logically there is an end to it but I...
  16. Claraviolet

    Event horizon movie discussion

    Anyone watched this movie here? It's about a spaceship and how it creates an artificial blackhole to jump through dimensions.It's a horror movie too and some of the things defy science. Nonetheless, it's a really entertaining movie to watch. If you haven't watched it, do give it a try. Also...
  17. Claraviolet

    The Martian movie discussion

    It's a really good movie. It's all about how a man got lost in Mars. You heard it right! He was left behind by his crew thanks to a storm and they were under the impression that he died.In reality though, he survived and now he had to survive until people from earth, finds a way to bring him...
  18. Claraviolet

    Interstellar movie discussion

    It's a really good movie and if you are a fan of space related stuff, you are going to love it.I watched it like 3 times so far and I still feel like watching it again. It's about how humans ran out of food and had to find a new planet, to start a colony again. It also describes just how...
  19. Claraviolet

    Plants Vs Zombies game discussion

    I love this game a lot. It's about zombies trying to fight off the plants, to eat human brains. It's been a long time since I played this game and yet I love it.It's one of the few games that made a huge impression on me. I like crazy Dave and the Zen garden too. Too bad that tree of wisdom is...
  20. Claraviolet

    Punch drama discussion

    Have you guys watched this drama? I have watched 6 episodes so far and it's very interesting. It's all about how a bus driver had to protect some children from an accident caused due to engine malfunction and yet people believe it's his fault for not noticing anything until then and they even...