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The Martian movie discussion


Real hero hidden in the darkness
It's a really good movie.
It's all about how a man got lost in Mars. You heard it right! He was left behind by his crew thanks to a storm and they were under the impression that he died.

In reality though, he survived and now he had to survive until people from earth, finds a way to bring him back. Anyone watched it here?


I have this movie on dvd! It is a great movie for sure! Matt Damon is the star actor in this movie. The movie is quite long but well worth the time! Especially if you like things about the galaxy/space.


I watched The Martian. It was a really amazing movie. There were a few bits of comedy (one or two jokes that made me laugh) and Matt Damon is a fantastic actor. Plus, it's surprisingly accurate in terms of scientific knowledge, even when the film crew took artistic liberties.
I'd recommend The Martian to anyone who likes a good space movie or adventure movie with a deep plot.