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Lucy movie discussion


Real hero hidden in the darkness
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Jul 25, 2020
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How many of you guys watched this movie here?

I really like the concept in this movie. It's about what a human can do, if they can use their brain to the highest possible level. I really like the graphics in this movie.
It's got a lot of blood and gore to it but nonetheless, it's very entertaining to watch.
I know many people believe limitless is the better version of this concept but I just can't agree with that. Do you guys feel the same?
I also loved the movie but not because of limitless use your brain.
I loved the graphics though and how the main character acted.
I have seen this movie and I like it. Nice graphics and concept. Actually, human brain has limitless capacities and capabilities but as of now, we have simply not been able to tap them to the fullest. However, we have had several Hindu ascetics and monks who have performed astonishing things using the power of their brains.

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