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    Allow me to welcome you all to Chat Banter. Chat Banter empowers people from around the globe to share each others cultures in a time when we must stay inside and away from others. We encourage everyone to start up a conversation by creating a new post about where you are from and what life is like on your side of the world,hopefully one day soon we can get back to some sort of normal.?

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  • By Naiwen
    Happy weekend all!How are you? Today, I've just had leftover pizza with lemon iced tea for lunch. Tonight, just enjoying my usual TV show before falling asleep.
  • By Naiwen
    Happy Friday all! How are you? Today, just playing some games on my Switch before dozing off tonight.
  • By luri
    I do not have anything particular to say about Azad Maidan Riots in Mumbai, 2012. But I will share some similar incident that happened in my home country. In 2004, 12 migrant workers from our country were killed in Iraq by Islamic terrorists. The Hindus in the country reacted by attacking Muslims and Muslim properties. We cannot justify such things. However, it is also true that there are people who want to fish in muddy waters. Probably, there was some infiltration in the peaceful protests. 
  • By Jay
    I know right? i dont think we will ever see that again.
  • By LBJ
    I remember back in 1991 when I went to Montana for 10 days. The Canadian dollar was worth $1.05 American. It was quite enjoyable getting change back on the exchange.
  • By Naiwen
    Nvm, 2 minutes of it, and I'm quite bored with it, back to watching my psychological and crime thrillers.
  • By Naiwen
    Yo sup there! How are ye all doing today? Today, just playing some games on my phone before heading the sack tonight.
  • By Sweerie_banana
    As much as the president has changed the rules of the lockdown and adjusted it's timing, I am more than sure he has done that cause the economy is down. I am sure we are not safe. I also heard the schools will resume next week. I am yet to see this and the number of deaths that will rise afterwards. I wish he still adjusts the rules cause it is for our own safety. I did resume work, but mine is a salon and it is not busy since I have even had days without any customers.  I always

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    • Avoiding burnout in the internet
      I know of some people who are into the internet almost all their waking hours. The only break they get is when they eat or when they go to the bathroom. You can guess that they are mostly gamers who are into computer games. Whether you are using a mobile gadget or a computer the advice is to take a break every hour. Continuous use of the computer or mobile gadget can harm not only your eyes but also your mental health. When you often experience mental fatigue that can be a reason to be forgetful. 
      • 4 replies
    • India's Covid-19 response
      It's been nothing short of pathetic. India managed their 1st wave almost unscathed, this left many feeling that the virus was going to pass them by.

      It may sound unbelievable but many Indians felt that they as a people were somehow immune to the virus. The government also felt that shutting down the economy was counter productive, as many Indians live day to day by what they make on that particular day.

      Then they had an election and no one was wearing masks, and added to that big religious festivals with no social distancing at all. India is 6 months behind Europe and North America and is now getting that bad 2nd wave. No one has any immunity and to date, only 2% of their population has received a vaccine. The Indian government also has no money at all for Covid-19 relief money, for either personal or business loans/grants.

      To make matters worse they are woefully short of oxygen cylinders and breathing machines, in short it has become a disaster. 
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    • BBQ Season
      Well it looks like BBQ season is upon us ?

      How many of you do the summer grilling?

      What do you like to grill?

      For me it's steak and i like them well done but we do homemade burgers lots as well.
      • 1 reply
    • Post in The Community Thread
      Happy weekend all! How are you? Today, I’ve just had leftover pizza with lemon iced tea for lunch. Tonight, just playing some games on my phone before rocking myself to sleep.

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