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  1. nomad

    Forum Vs. Blog: Which is Easier to Manage?

    I am basically a blogger, but I have also tried to run forums multiple times. Currently, I am running a forum for six months, I do not have a lot of members and a lot of activities but I am really happy with the forum performance because this is the most successful forum I have managed. I had...
  2. nomad

    Do you make money from your blog?

    I started working online by writing articles for article publishing sites. After publishing on third-party sites for many years, I finally created my first self-hosted blog in 2015. It took me many months just to earn $1. In my first year of blogging, I earned just $10 via Adsense. However, in...
  3. Jay™

    Installed New Blog System

    Good Evening all, You may have noticed I have installed a new Member blog system, if you are into posting blogs this is the system for you. Once you create a blog you have unlimited entries that you can make, as you get ready to post you can set it to open or private and you can set it so only...
  4. Nocturnal Thinker

    Which earns more? Blog or Vblog?

    Blog becomes a good source of income for person who writes for his own line of expertise like writing review of movies, new products, or featuring people of his exemplary accomplishments in his field of endeavor, among others. Vblog or video blog is another form of blogging with the use of...
  5. bomb

    How do you do keyword research for your blog/forum?

    Do you do keyword research for your board or blog? If yes, how do you go about it? I would wish to know how you come up with the content ideas that have great conversions.
  6. Zakalwe

    Do you blog?

    I’m getting back into my blog again. It’s been going through for FIFTEEN years! Do you have a blog? I’d love to see it. Here’s mine: https://alsarcastic.com
  7. bomb

    I will write a Free 500 words article for your blog/forum.

    Today i feel good! I just want a challenge. I will write a 500-word article on any field for your blog or forum. On a topic of your choice. Bring it on!
  8. J

    What kind of forum and blog software do you prefer?

    Do you prefer free, paid or a mix of solutions? What do you feel are the pros and cons of paid and free solutions? Well, in my opinion, the updates for paid software can be annoying. I mean, XenForo demands around $60 for yearly renewals. However, though, the upside is that you can probably...
  9. J

    Getting Forum/Blog Email Notifications

    I don't really like them, but some people keep in touch with things that way. Well, that's their right. Anyway, whoever doesn't like email notifications can shut them off on XenForo, not sure how on other software.
  10. J

    What brands of forum/blog software do you prefer?

    Why do you make that choice? How about in regards to free or paid stuff? For instance, what is your favorite free forum/blog software? What is your favorite considering a paid criteria? There can be more than one answer!