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Favorite Forum Software?


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Jun 14, 2020
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Mine by far is the paid one Xenforo. There’s just no match for it at all impo. And it’s totally and completely customizable and I like learning how to code with it. And I’m talking about both paid and free forum softwares. My very own mental wellness support community is run on Xenforo, my 1st time using it and a TLD.
Paid: xenforo
Free: SMF

I recently switched to the former from the latter and while I'm in love with Xen, SMF is way more intuitive in a lot of ways. Want Shoutbox notifications when a user posts? Just add an SQL Insert query to Sources/Post.php. I have no doubt this is achievable with Xen too, but its way more difficult even finding which file handles posting.

Their template syntax is so weird too. SMF's is basically just regular PHP, but Xen's is a fair bit different.

Still, I'm really enjoying my time with Xen. I bet a lot of my issues stem from being new to the software, so I wonder what I'l be able to achieve when I become a bit more accustomed to it.
My favourite is VBB (3.x and lower)

But Xenforo 1 I prefer over 2 because 1 renders properly on just about any browser while 2 does not...

Im on IE6 and this site IS USEABLE but it does not render good..... (As long as I can use the site I dont care if it doesnt render right)

I also like earlier SMF versions......

Newer stuff just doesnt look or run as good..... (Even if it renders 100%)
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My forum uses Xenforo and I love it. Easy to use and navigate.
Free: Proboards. It has mostly everything I like about forum software but not everything. Which do?

Paid: I was always an IPB lover (Older version of the 2.3 software), not today's version.

However, as a member, I do like using Xenforo. I do not know what it is like for an admin.
Its not easy to run a site..... All the spammers out here and ppl who just wannaa ruin things.....
In terms of paid software, it has to be XenForo. It has a great selection of themes and plugins. Works well and isn't too expensive.

In terms of free software, MyBB is the winner for me. The other options just aren't good enough

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