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Your worst fear


Real hero hidden in the darkness
As I like horror stuff a lot, I imagine a ghost appearing whenever I close my eyes.

It's kinda fun and it gives me chills too. Anyway, sometimes our imagination can be our biggest fear. What about you guys? Do you have any such wild imagination? If so do share it here.

It can be about anything.


My worst fear is not the ghost or other supernatural beings. It is death. We do not know what happens when a person dies. Don't believe the religious leaders on what they say about heaven and hell or about the judgment day. They do not know the facts, they are all telling us speculations. What if when we die we are nothing anymore? That is my worst fear.


My biggest fear is loosing love ones. They are the one that instead of me telling them my password, they are my password. So getting to lose them comes with a lot of pain.


My biggest fear is dying before my granddaughter is grown as I have custody of her. She is now 14 and a very difficult teenager so no one in the family would be prepared to take her on should anything happen to me.