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Your favourite Teas?

I like Lipton tea and milk tea. I don't like to drink teas that much, but when I'm in the mood, those are the teas that I like to drink.
I don't know if it's because I am British but I only like regular tea and the majority of us drink it. I can't stand all these fancy teas, to me that's not tea, and as for green tea I think it's positively disgusting despite being told it has health benefits.:p
It is definitely between black and ginger tea.
I have only heard of Lemongrass. I wish I knew what it is. Is it some type of grass that tastes like lemon?
I have only heard of Lemongrass. I wish I knew what it is. Is it some type of grass that tastes like lemon?
Lemongrass is indeed a type of grass, but longer leaves than regular grasses, very fragrant with scent like lemons, and has medicinal values. In India, we use lemongrass as a remedy for sore throat, cough, colds and seasonal fevers. The scent is also very refreshing and energising and it alleviates our mood. Its stem is also used as a condiment in soups, curries etc. You can read more about it on wikipedia too.

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