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Environment World average temperature is rising


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Aug 4, 2020
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In the news was about the average world temperature that is rising. That means the ice will be melting more than before. If the temperature rise will continue then the sea level may rise to a dangerous level in 50 years. That may be ignored for now because 50 years is a long time. But I remember 50 years ago when there were only few people in my native town that population was only 10,000. But now the population is nearing a million already. With the flooding that is inundating cities and suburban areas I guess that 50 years span would be a much different picture. Worse flood will be the order of the rainy season.
That is so horrifying. I have read that certain islands like Maldives are no longer going to exist 50 years hence. Also coastal metro cities like New York, Mumbai, are going to be awash with the oceans. This year in fact, I saw pictures of the Austrian town Venice being flooded with sea waters to a dangerous level. I wonder how all of this can be coped with.
It's pretty obvious by now, many states around the world have started working on improving the air quality and started to regulate and reduce green house gases emissions by a huge percentage, but some are still hoarding out huge amounts of GHGs with high Global warming potential. European countries are serious about this issue and some big states like the US are not recognizing this issue and are focusing on the materialistic short term outcome and the US is responsible for 20% of emissions of GHGs.

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