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Will Liverpool break the 100 pts Premier League record?


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Jun 28, 2020
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Bamenda, Cameroon
After being thrashed 4-0 by outgoing Champions Man City, do you think New Champions Liverpool will get more than 14 points in their last 6 games to beat the 100 points Premier League record held by Man City?
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I strongly believe they the 100+ point tally is within reach but they have their work cut out for them.
They won't reach that, I guess their season goal was the trophy and they got that already. I don't see it happening
This really depends on how the next 6 games go...
If they play like the did against Man City then they might as well forget about it. However, they can obtain a maximum of 18 more points (assuming they win all of them) meaning that they can achieve a maximum of 104 points (again assuming they win all of their games). But, if they actually play well then it's definitely possible.
They should if they play the remaining season the way they have been playing. They have been amazing and unbeatable this season.
They can if and only if they continue with the playing spirit they have had before the COVID-19 pandemic out break.

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