Why do I value cooking?

Nov 8, 2020
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Setting up dinner in one of the nearest and dear and comfortable things you can achieve for someone.
You're from a genuine perspective giving plated food made your own hands and creative mind — whether or not you're following an equation, you picked the recipe and masterminded the supper, isn't unreasonably correct?
I love eating what I have personally prepared. There is one thing that I still can't cook, and that is Chapati. I have found someone who is going to teach me, we just need to find the time.
I make chapatis each day as it is our staple food to be eaten with curries and vegetables. It is quite easy to make once you get the hang of it, though it does take some time. I think there are youtube videos which you can watch and learn.
I'm so jealous. I wish I had chapatis everyday.
Of course you can eat them every day. Do you get finely ground wheat flour where you live? If yes, then you can knead the dough in enough quantity to last for 2-3 days in the fridge, then just take a little of it during meal times, roll it out and roast over a flat pan. Give it a go!
Cooking is quite therapeutic for me. There is something I find very relaxing about preparing a meal for my family. On the same note however, I despise feeling rushed while cooking. I particularly enjoy a small gathering of friends/family and sharing a nice meal together. That hasn't been the norm lately though considering this pandemic and all.
I am the cook in our home because that's how I care for my family. In buying cooked food we are not sure of the cleanliness aside from the healthy aspect. Do you know that fried food using the old cooking oil is not good? When we fry at home the cooking oil is new and the used oil is thrown. With the cleanliness of the food, we do not know if what we ordered for delivery is fresh when it was cooked. At least I am confident that the food in our kitchen is healthy for our benefit.