Why at this time? Is it lack of foresight?

Sep 15, 2020
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Anytime of the day rains are falling. Not only ordinary rains but they're heavy downpours. And you know what will happen if rains may last an hour or so? Flood all over our place is prevalent due clogs in the waterways, due to volumes garbage which consists by leaves, twigs and plastic and worse no drainage system.


Therefore our city is obliged to clean the canals, the foot walk and sidewalks. Streets with no proper drainage or passage of water are dug and installed with culverts. That's a good idea but why only then especially during rainy season? People feel inconvenient by passing on the street where the project of putting up a series of culverts is located.
Same thing in India as well, unseasonal rains that pour down in heavy torrents, flooding of canals and drainage leading to flooding of homes, streets, shops etc. and the municipality people doing their repairs on top of that. It seems like, with nature, the government too is conspiring against common people and making them miserable. Thankfully though, it has not rained here for the last 2-3 weeks!
The drainage system was also the problem in our town. Fortunately there were diggings left and right some few years back. They were installing the big concrete pipes for the drainage. Now there may be flash floods because of the sudden heavy downpour but it would last for 30 minutes at the most. No more flooding for hours and hours. Thanks to the remodeled drainage system in our town.
Drainage system need to be taken care by the government to construct proper drainage system. Individuals also need to dispose our refuse properly to avoid blocking of drainage system by refuse.
That's a must to be done by the government to provide a workable drainage system and the people shouldn't throw their garbage to the canal, Westeros or drainage.

All these things will be in order if everyone will do it, will observe religiously. And everything will be fine. No more floods.