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Who likes pies and cakes?


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Jun 20, 2020
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What do you all like? Can you cook them? What do you cook? Who taught you how?
I'm not a huge fan of pies, to be honest, but I do love cake. Give me a good chocolate cake and I will happily eat it all. I don't cook it much though because it's just a bit too time consuming and there's too many things that can go wrong.
I love eating cake, I hardly bake cake because am not really good into it
They are not my favorite food but I enjoy it when I eat cake. My wife makes killer Brownies and Banana Cakes. I enjoy eating them.
I don't like cake all that much. Still, sometimes I do try to put up with it on occasions.
I am not sure why I don't like it at all.

I do like pie a bit though. I am not sure about the recipes at this point but my mom certainly knows how to make good pies.
I will have to learn that sometime and as for cake, I am not sure.
I think that everyone likes pies and cakes, it's just that some people are more fond of them than the others. I don't know how to bake though.
I do love to eat pie especially pineapple and coconut pies. Whenever I go to the market I look for them and bring them home.

I do eat cake occasionally like during the birthday and Anniversary.

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