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Who likes literature?


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Jun 20, 2020
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I think a lot of it depends on the teacher. Well, I had this super-interesting mythology course - with this really awesome instructor. Well, it's like with any subject. For instance, I hate human development courses - but honestly, I had this really cute female instructor. ;)
I mean for me, some texts I studied for English Literature were quite interesting. I liked Macbeth, Henry IV and An Inspector Calls. I think also Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was also one which I liked but it was so difficult for me to understand at first. Poetry was very mixed for me. There were some good ones and some bad ones. I didn't really like analysing it though.
I also studied some classical texts from Latin. Hated most of it.
I thought I hated this subject
But I always found myself in joy when reading or writing down my poems
Then i discovered that literature is not just a course, its life and you just can't hate it.
People should get more into literature. However, I suspect people are too lazy to take the time. Well, myself, I never read non-fiction - but I suppose I might like it more, if it was given a chance.
I'm a fan of literature. My current project is collecting as much of Tolkien's non-LotR works as I can. It's quite difficult to track down things outside of his Middle Earth lore, but thankfully a great deal of it is being republished now, so I'm picking up what I can to read!
There's definitely an art to creating fiction. I just don't get it. My thing is music.

Well, anyhow, it might be easier than people think. Well, it's stuff like "The Journey of a Hero".
I used to read a lot and got an A level in English Literature but not so much these days. I think it's because I spend a lot of time online and I get too tired to actually read a book now.
I studied language and literature in the university. I teach language, literature, and pedagogy to school students. I studied literature in the university not only to pass exams but also due to my deep interest in literature. When I was a student I used to read books every day and complete one book in one week. However, these days due to my hectic schedule I have not been able to devote my time to reading literature.

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