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Food & Recipe Which food do you eat the most?


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Dec 12, 2020
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Until some months ago, I used to eat rice more than anything. It was usually the carb to go with various stews. However, nowadays I think I eat more bread. Which food item do you usually eat more than any other?
The meal I eat most is Ugali. It is a maize meal but we mix ours with bananas, and it's very delicious and healthy. I try and eat healthy cause I want to have a long healthy life.
We are meat eaters at home that we have pork, chicken and beef at least 4 times in a week. The alternate is fish and sometimes vegetable dishes too. Our staple is rice and usually we eat the meat with rice. I know that some will frown on the meat but that is life for us. We enjoy eating meat so that's it.
The foods I eat the most are chicken, rice and pasta. I usually add a little salad because I think it looks more appetising with a bit of colour. I like fish too although my granddaughter will only eat fish fingers. I prefer salmon.
I eat way too many tacos. Bean, temeph and lentil tacos. I also eat way too much popcorn.
I feel like I eat a lot of chicken. We try to change it up and cook with steak, pork or fish but typically our source of protein is from chicken.
We eat a lot of chicken. Some times I get really tired of it but my body handles it better than some other meats.

Other than that I think we eat a lot of bell peppers. I like using different colors and I use them for all kinds of things such as in tacos, in pasta dishes and even stuffed peppers which I plan on making this week in the air fryer.
I am diet conscious these days. Oats and similar foods have taken an influence in what I eat.

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