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Which Companies Will You Never Use Again?

Brad P

Which companies, shops, service providers etc have annoyed you to such an extent that they have completely burnt their bridges with you, and you will never use them again?

Mine are as follows -

- Iceland
- Now TV Broadband
- Plusnet
- The Perfume Shop

and not that it matters anymore, but the electrical retailer Comet. They sold me a faulty DVD player (when they were quite new and expensive). They spent more than £400 in replacement parts to fix a £200 device, instead of just giving me a replacement. After two supposed fixes, the problem still existed, but they considered the fixes had solved the problem and weren't prepared to do anything else. From that day, until the day they went bust, I never bought anything else from them.

Which companies will never see another penny of your money?


I can't really name one right now, but I won't go to the stores that serve food that aren't tasty enough. I've been to some, and I never returned.


My primary one is Apple, not that I've touched anything from them in over 15 years. I have major problems with their business practices, which I've outlined in the past in a different thread, and I just don't like their stance on certain issues. A company I can never support.


The one that stands out in my mind is TalkTalk broadband. It was the absolute worst and I never got a good reception with it. I have since switched to Sky and although it is more expensive you can't beat a satellite dish for reception. I guess you get what you pay for.

Another one is a local car seller close to where I live. I bought a car there which had no end of problems which they just weren't interested in fixing. I gave them a terrible review which I notice they took down,


Videocon is one company that I would never buy anything from. My earlier washing machine was made by them and it really gave me a lot of problem. Plus the clothes never really became satisfactorily clean when it did work well. Last time it broke down, repairs estimate was quite a lot so I just threw it away and nought Samsung.