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When the pet is sick


Pardon me for this sad post. Our dog named Tisoy is 13 years old. He had water in his lungs which was drained 3 weeks ago. Since then he wouldn't eat nor drink so we are using a syringe to force-feed him. Today 2 vets gave a grim prognosis because of our dog's breathing difficulty. Euthanasia is an option, they both said. We are still undecided as of now but Tisoy looks calm now in front of the electric fan that may be helping him in ventilation.


how'd i get to be so good?
This is always a hard decision to make. I really sympathize with you as I know that one day I'll have to face a similar one with the two of my dogs. 13 years is a pretty good life for a dog though, and I have no doubt you & your family made sure to give them the best life they could have ever hoped for.

I'm unsure of whether or not you have kids, but for people that do the hardest part of losing a pet can be seeing how much it upsets their children.

Regardless, I hope you all the best


I hope the treatment that your dog underwent is gonna last enough to prolong his life, 13 years old is quite a long time for an animal to live, my oldest pet was 12 years old before he passed away.


The pet is really old. Things will get well for the pet. Keep on monitoring the pet, the dog need more attention in this trying time. It will be heal, and dont give your self hard feelings about the situation.


I feel for you. I've lost so many pets over the years and although we know they are not going to live as long as we do it is so hard to see them go. Hopefully Tisoy will give you a little more time to spend with him. My dogs are 13 and 14 years old. One of them has just had an operation to remove a cyst and the other is blind and deaf but these things are not life threatening. I had a dog who lived to 16 years. Sometimes they can carry on despite health problems.