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What pets do you have?

Hungry Ego

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Jun 26, 2020
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Canada, The Great White North
I myself have a 7.5 yrs old cat whose name is George (named after Curious George). When we first brought him home his name was Peter, but I really didn't like that name, so we decided to give it 24 hours and see what name we felt suited him and his personality. Well, the first day he spent so much time getting into everyone and anything he could. While he was a kitten he was such a troublemaker and a terror. He still is a major jerk to this day, but for the most part we have a pretty good understanding between the two of us. However he does hate change and is not always too fond of new people, especially young kids...

He's an old man in a cats body who likes to sleep and do things his way, on his own time. Right now he is sitting infront of me giving me the look like "shouldn't you be going to bed? Why are you still up?".

I guess that's my sign. What pets do you have?
I have one dog and she goes by the name of Summer. Ironically, she was born in the season of summer too. I have attached a picture of my pet below.
Me and my daughter would love to have a dog in the house. But. My wife uses her veto every time! :cautious:
I have a cat who I adopted and named Damien, but by way of having been born with the name Typhoon, and having met my mother who insisted on calling him "Phooney" before then managing to witness him going to his litter box, decided his name should be "Baby Poo Poo," and...well...that's the name that stuck with him for the last 10 years.
Me and my daughter would love to have a dog in the house. But. My wife uses her veto every time! :cautious:
See that's where you find out when the next little adoption day is at the local pet shop, make up any excuse to be in the area, and accidentally walk in and guilt her into adopting an adorable little puppy ;)
It's not that easy! She is strong willed and not at all easy to manipulate! ?
It's not that easy! She is strong willed and not at all easy to manipulate! ?
Ah, then it's the long game for you, sadly. "Look at these cut puppies in these Youtube videos, aren't they adorable?" "Wow, what a cute puppy in this picture!" "Aww look, this one's playing with the daughter, how sweet!" Keep that up and she'll cave! Plus, think of the extra security for your family having an instant alert any time someone tries to enter the house, or if danger is present! Dogs are an asset.
We have tried some and will try more of what you say. She also loves animals but somehow she wouldn't have one in the house! :confused:

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