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What Movies Are You Waiting To See?

Neutral Nova

Valued Member
Registered Member
Nov 8, 2020
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Have you any list of which movie you want to watch?
You are waiting for the release of the movie.

Do you have?
Right now I'm quite busy, so I really am not aware of the new movies that are coming out, so I'm quite behind on that. I don't really make it a point to be updated with movies anyway.
There are a lot of movies I would like to watch. I like watching foreign movies and Russian Movie Maker Andrei Tarkovsky is my favorite. I would like to bing watch all of his movies. I also like Ingmar Bergman and I would also like to bing watch his movies.
I'm really keen to see the new Doctor Strange movie called Multiverse of Madness. It looks really good and I think it almost directly follows on from Spider Man No Way Home and WandaVision so I'm keen to see that when I can. It's currently only in theatres I think.
I am at the moment still waiting to see M3GAN but my two eldest kids who also want to watch it have been busy so I have been patiently waiting for them to have some time so we can all watch it together and experience it together. Clips I have seen look amazing so I am super excited to watch it when we do.

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