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What kind of energy will make homes independent from the power grid?


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Aug 4, 2020
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I am very interested in solar power since 1990 when I had read the advertisement of the local supplier - I think it was Puckett Electric or something. Anyway, based on my continuing research the solar energy is not yet reliable due to the weakness of the battery. Some homes that has solar panel can only supply part of the lighting system. Solar power cannot even supply power to the fridge. Until now my dream of independent electricity is still a dream.
All of what I have seen recently, would require these huge panels, with multiple big batteries connected to get the needed voltage and power requirements for a home. Most people don't have the money to make such a purchase, as getting everything needed to run fully off of the panels, would require a couple hundred thousand dollars for the initial equipment.
There are many homes in India who have made use of a combination of solar energy and wind energy to provide electricity for their homes. But they require lot of investment so its out of question for many yet. government also provides some subsidy to people who switch over to solar energy equipment but still it is not preferable as regular electricity is more convenient.

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