What is your reason for participating in sport?

Jul 25, 2020
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Maybe you just love to get involved in sport to be physically active, or perhaps it is so you can engage more socially, with a specific demographic even? Or do you play sport just for fun and enjoyment?

I have differing views when it comes to my participation in sport. For me, it has to be fun, so I have to be somewhat skilled enough to participate. It is better with a close friend to learn and develop together, but I am very independent and just love being outside so I will happily play by myself to increase my fitness also.
I have been playing sports throughout my whole life. I played competitive baseball and hockey until I was 18. Now I play sports for recreation, fun and exercise. I like playing all kind of sports. I really like playing table tennis.
When I was in grade school, our teacher emphasized that sports is for the health of the body. During that time I was being encouraged to play football so I joined a team in the mosquito category. Being in grade 5, energy was not a problem to us so we would run in the football field from end to end. It was like expending our energy too much. When I shifted to other sports like basketball and swimming, I realized that sports is not only for the health of the body but also for the health of the mind. I had gained friends in sports and until now I support sports programs in our community.