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What is your favorite console?


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Jun 20, 2020
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I can't really say one is better than the other - as I haven't tried all of them enough. Well, I suspect they're all the same. Anyway, though, I normally prefer Nintendo - cause I like the Mario and Donkey Kong games.
Well when you say favourite, do you mean modern or of all time? If we're talking modern, then it's probably the Xbox One X, because it's what I've used the most, but the Switch is a close second! I do love my Switch on the go! If we're talking all time then it's neck and neck between the N64 and the Sega Saturn. Both incredible consoles.
Probably my favourite console would be the Xbox X too. There are many new features in contrast to older generations, like the Xbox 360 for example. Just take a look at this table which visually shows this between models.

Such a great gaming console that offers a surpb gaming experience.
For me right now I would have to say that Xbox One has to be my favourite, closely followed by the Nintendo Switch. I feel the reason Xbox One wins at the moment for me is because of Game Pass. So many games for one monthly price is just something I couldn't ignore :)

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