What is the significance of lifestyle?

Nov 8, 2020
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Being solid should be essential for your general way of life. Carrying on with a solid way of life can help forestall constant infections and long haul ailments. Liking yourself and dealing with your wellbeing is significant for your confidence and mental self-view. Keep up a solid way of life by making the right decision for your body.
Pardon me but I do not understand what solid life means. For me, life is to be enjoyed so we earn a little, spend a little and be happy. It is foolish to work so hard and then you get sick and you die. My lifestyle is always easy living which means my happiness is my priority. If I enjoy a particular food then I buy that if I can afford otherwise I would settle for the food that I can afford.
By solid, I think you mean having well established and steady roots in a place you call as your home, well, I am not able to explain it well. But I think what it means, and I feel, is that having a good life means being able to meet all yous needs and wants plus some left over, being a part of the community, respectful of others and respected by others, spiritually fulfilled and generally contented with how life is turning out to be.