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Environment What is the real cause of flooding?


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Aug 4, 2020
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In the recent years we have seen how floods inundated places in the US, Japan, and Asian countries. In the past holiday season there were provinces here with knee-deep floodwater. Is the flood due to poor drainage system or is it really caused by climate change? Why is it raining every day during the holiday season and even after the new year? That is unusual in my lifetime.
I think that it's caused by both, the weather and the drainage. So people should be more mindful when trying to throw trash in the streets, it should never be done in the first place.
There are so many causes of flood. It could be people's abuse of environment. It could be a natural cause like heavy downpour and volcanic eruption in the ocean that results to tsunamis.

Is climate changed real? As what I read it's just invented by the scientists. Actually as the earth matures it's undeniable facts that there would be changes.
I'm not sure if it's totally people causing the change but looking back at history we have had weather change for many years, once humanity has completed its time here im sure the weather patterns of nature will continue, but im very sure we are not helping.

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