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What forum software do you like better?

Jun 3, 2020
I did have IPB before xenforo was released but when I saw xenforo something about it made me want to try it 10yrs on and I stil use it :).
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Jun 27, 2020
I could never bring myself to like IPS all that much, and I gave it a very fair shake, bought two licenses for it and used it on two sites. I converted one to Woltlab's Burning Board (that site I converted is now defunct, but I liked wBB a lot!) and the other to XenForo...still with XenForo since 2010! I won't avoid sites that use IPS, that's just idiocy, but from an administrative perspective I always prefer others before it.
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Jul 21, 2020
I just opened up a forum on IPB. I've always been a fan of IPB the most over the years. I think they have the best security for their forum software and they have lots of features if you want them all.
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