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What do you guys think about 5g Phones ?


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Sep 2, 2020
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What do you guys think about 5g 5G phones? for me, no they're not ready yet. It can take years there will be no critical mass until at least 2025.
I am very excited about the technology! It will bring lightening fast internet to mobile devices.

We will need to see real world performance over time, It has potential to make wired internet obsolete.
I am very happy for this. Mobile phones are a lot have more faster internet. They are now starting to implement this on new phones.
I dont like 5G and I try to avoid it. 5G is dangerous to be exposed to at high levels (Especially the ultra broadband tier (24-39Ghz)
I have a 5G phone but since I'm still on an old sim contract, I'm stuck with 4G for the moment. 4G is pretty fast so I haven't really bothered to try and get a 5G sim as yet. I'll just do that the next time I have to renew.
In year 2023, the phone and the pricing is something we have to watch out for. Some of the time price is what stops people from getting new phone. Let the5G becomes a norm then the price will be reduced as well.
I am excited about the new technology however, at this time where I live I don't have consistent access to it. I imagine it will take another couple of years for it to be widely available just like 4G was when they first rolled out.

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