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What’s your favorite Indian food?


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Me too. The chicken is just amazeballs.


I love Indian curries as long as they are not too hot. I'm a bit of a lightweight so I usually go for a chicken korma.
Not all Indian curries are hot but we do use a variety of spices and condiments in them. Some of the curries are really hot while some are quite light in palette but delicious. Kormas are mostly light in taste, a bit on the sweeter side as lots of cream, cashews etc. is used in the curry paste.
I don't live in India and of course I am not familiar with Indian foods and I haven't seen them. I have to search it from the neat and select them if we have in common.

I love eating spicy, curry foods and vegan foods. I think the Indian people prepare and cook them.


Biryani is my favourite Indian food. It is a dish prepared by cooking rice with meat. My another favorite dish is chicken butter masala with paratha. These are main course items. My favourite snacks is samosa.