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Venison or deer meat

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Aug 4, 2020
I was really surprised to see venison being sold in the farmer's market here (open on Sunday morning only). Since I had tasted venison when I was young because my father was a hunter during summer so I bought half a kilo for tasting. It was for real, deer meat that is cured. All we need is to fry it lightly and can become crunchy. My friends went gaga over the picture that I posted. They were all asking where I bought the meat. But I did not reveal waheehee.
Nocturnal Thinker

Nocturnal Thinker

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Sep 15, 2020
It's impossible for to eat for there's no deer in our place. Just in case there's a native deer in our mountain, it is protected. It's preserved for It's an endangered species.

I was impressed to first taste and eat mutton, lamb's meat in a fiesta in the hacienda owned by a generous landlord and sugarcane baron. It's an expensive kind of meat when I try to look it in the mall.


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Dec 13, 2020
Deers are legally protected in my home country. If you buy,sell or even possess deer meat, you can get at least 5 years jail term. wildlife laws are very strong here. However, deer meat is sold in black market. It cost about $30 per kilo. I have eaten deer meat a couple of times, now.don't tell the police in my country.

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