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Information Vaping

Lord Saru

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Jun 22, 2020
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Vaping is technically no better than smoking and WHO has strictly given a word of caution asking all countries to ban e-cigarettes and all further forms of vaping.

Given that health advisory, vaping is banned in India but we still have people selling them in black market. They say that the flavours are quite exquisite.

Do you vape? What flavour do you like?
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No, I don't vape and never will. During the 1900's, cigarettes were not considered dangerous or a risk to your health but now there is a scientific proof, we know different. This is the same as vaping, no medical professionals fully understand the long-term health effects vaping can have.
I've never taken up smoking, because I never saw a point to it (I grew up with a mother who smoked and always found it offensive), so I likewise never jumped on board the vaping bandwagon. It looks ridiculous, it provides zero benefit, and yet people keep on doing it. They're clearly as addictive as cigarettes are, they seem to be causing many health problems for a substantial group of people, and I flat out just don't see the appeal.
The NHS says Vape instead of smoking. Yes, putting stuff into your lungs is never a good thing, but compared to smoking tobacco, vaping is significantly healthier - and it smells better too.
It stops 2nd hand "real tobacco" smoke around kids and babies. That stuff is not justifiable, but I've seen it.
I never tried smoking & wouldn't do vaping. I think vaping is worse 'cos they make it sound less toxic & they gear it towards kids with all the flavors.
I think vaping is worse....
Hold on just a sec:
People who die each year from their own cigarette smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke.more than 480,000

Here in the UK six million people smoke and there’s about 213 deaths per day. Recently two deaths ‘may’ have been linked to vaping.

You think vaping is worse!?
I never tried smoking & wouldn't do vaping. I think vaping is worse 'cos they make it sound less toxic & they gear it towards kids with all the flavors.

I agree with you partly. Our vaping industry shouldn't be targeting their ads for children. Instead, they should be supportive of people who are in the process of quitting tobacco smoking. However, vaping has been scientifically proven to be a healthier alternative, and worldwide, the death rate is lower. Just have a read at a handful of articles published from trusted sources:

No problem. I just said "I" think it's worse. I've done my research & came to that conclusion. :)
Honestly, if people aren't going to smoke, then why not drink coffee? How much more powerful is nicotine maybe?

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