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Trump for 2024?

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I'd like to think the world is done with him and his sideshow. He accomplished nothing, he was a terrible leader, he left the US with zero plan for dealing with a pandemic and his tax breaks were aimed solely at keeping the rich richer, not helping the average person. Time to move on from that failed experiment.
May I be so inquisitive as to ask, move on to what?
A candidate that isn't a racist bigot that strains trade relations with important nations, strengthen ties with nations run by leaders of...questionable repute...and stirs up tensions in just about any area the second something doesn't go his way so he has something else to blame for his failings. The bar is pretty low, I'm sure there's a candidate out there who can be a decent human being...then again, you typically have to have devolved past that point to get so far in politics to begin with, so, maybe I'm wrong...:dont-know-emoji:
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The one thing that always amazed me is he had such a lot of support from some seemingly intelligent people .. I just didn't get that. He made such terrible decisions and by the time the election came I was thinking that anyone would be better at running the country than he would. I know a lot of people didn't like Obama (I thought he was hot lol) and many feel that Biden is a bad leader but we shall see. I don't know a lot about American politics and I base my opinion on what I have seen so far.
The one thing that always amazed me is he had such a lot of support from some seemingly intelligent people ..
"There 's a sucker born every minute"-P.T.Barnum
"The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it"-Dr.Joseph Goebbels

All Trump ever cared about was increasing his brand. He is a pathological liar that doesn't understand the concept of honor. This bloated orange faced bigot was the worst president in American history.

I am fervently hoping that he trades in his orange tan for an orange jump suit, and lands in jail where he belongs.
He certainly managed to get the hate groups on his side, which I'm sure is a sign that he's just such a fine person...
Hmmmm.......I’m not involved in a hate group nor does anyone I know. Antifa doesn’t back Trump and neither does BLM both of which were involved in the majority of the burning and looting throughout the U.S. recently.
The KKK nor do the white supremacists back Trump both of which are indeed hate groups. Matter of fact if we wish to get picky, it was Biden who gave the eulogy for Sen. Robert Byrd, a past kkk grand wizard.

M. Waters certainly doesn’t back Trump and she most definitely called for Dems to chase down Conservatives wherever they could be found.
The new Vice President, K. Harris was busy bailing people out of jail who were Caught beating people up and ransacking and burning businesses and she isn’t in any way for Trump.

The thing is, I do not listen to rhetoric nor obviously biased news broadcasts because when I read and hear full transcripts of whatever is really happening, a major portion doesn’t line up with what is broadcast. CNN and MSNBC are notorious for splicing and dicing information.

My question was a pretty simple one but thus far all I have received is Trump dumping.
Trump lied. About what? Trump‘s a racist. Funny thing but majority of the Latino’s in Florida are behind Trump and I don’t recall Ben Carson nor Jesse Jackson saying Trump is a racist. The NAACP gave Trump an award because of his Anti-racist agendas and who was in the picture of him getting it? Yup, Jesse Himself.
Just as a matter of fact, prior to when Trump bought Mar-a-Lago, Blacks and Jews were not allowed to join the club but he opened the doors to anyone who could afford to join. Tiger Woods played there quite often.

I could go for 20 or more pages just handing out facts and proving my statements bullet for bullet but to what end? If one doesn’t study anyway and will not do the research then all that is left is a warped set of ideas that have no substance.
I’m a dyed in the wool Combat Veteran United States of America, American and totally loyal to the Constitution of the United States which I have memorized in full and yet it is as I wrote before, I nor anyone I know is involved in a hate group and I especially hate no one.

Goodbye one and all. It was fun while it lasted but to tell the truth, I really can’t be around such unstudied bias. Adieu.
Goodbye one and all. It was fun while it lasted but to tell the truth, I really can’t be around such unstudied bias. Adieu.
^^^ You wrote the above over an hour ago but here you are still on the site. I've heard of long goodbyes, but this is ridiculous.:ROFLMAO:

P.S. I see you've just logged out, was it something I said?:whistle:
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