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Trading & Economics


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Jun 27, 2020
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Hi all!
I'm glad this section has been added in. This is probably where I specialise a bit (and I'm very interested to know more) and I'll be posting a lot of stuff in here.
Any questions or discussions, send me a message or create a thread. I'll try my best to help with this and learn more from what you guys have to say.
I am particularly interested in Trading 212. This is because Trading 212's simulator helps to practice with trading stocks and investment which I am keen to learn more about.
I will post some stuff on that in the coming days.
I am also interested Economics. Some micro theory (including some which relate to maths) and areas of macro such as government economic policy and the Financial Crisis 2008 are just a few topics that I've found so great to learn!
Trading economics involves a lot of analysis. And your analysis has to do with market structure, price action, and market volatility. If one can do all these analysis very well. Business owner will make profit and never run into loss.

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