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Thoughts on WhatsApp Data-Sharing?


With Facebook purchasing WhatsApp 7 years ago, we knew this was coming, but it was finally announced that from February, you will be forced to share data from WhatsApp (contacts, name, status messages etc.) with the wider Facebook Corporate Group, or you will not be able to use the app.

I strongly despise the treatment of Facebook with our data, and refuse to use any of their products using my personal information (real name etc.): As such, I've moved to Signal for my messaging.

Will you be doing the same, or are you sticking with WhatsApp despite the data sharing?


Yes, it is indeed despising and deplorable that just to use the app we are supposed t o share all the data with Facebook or else delete the app. How much more are they going to exploit users, I wonder? I wish I could delete the app just now, but unfortunately I belong to the parent-teacher executive committee in my son's school and I have to coordinate with parents of over 120 parents and the school teaching staff and all of those are on Whatsapp only. So unless they all change, I have to remain with it at least for now.


It is disgraceful and I hate the thought of sharing data with facebook. I have yet to decide what I will do. If I can find something better I will swap to it and I have used Viber in the past. I am in touch with many of my closest friends on Whatsapp and I can't see many of them changing.