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The Most Violent Video Game!

Neutral Nova

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Nov 8, 2020
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Games are progressively getting increasingly rough. It began with little splatters of pixelated blood in the 8-bit period and has advanced to undeniable HD magnificence in the current age reassures. Brutality sells and that is the reason a lot of game engineers add more violence into their manifestations.

Write it down.....
The Most Violent Video Game that You Have Played.
What's the most violent video game that you have played?
Plenty of them...Bioshock is brutal at times, Mortal Kombat is noted for its' fatalities and Doom...well, Doom is one big body-ripping adventure. There are plenty of violent video games, that's for sure!
Anything gory and violent would be considered not suitable for kids, so I think that anything that is similar to Mortal Kombat are the most violent video games.
For me it was God of War. Hella disturbing because I was only 13 when I first played it.
For me back in the day it was Unreal Tournament 2004, Games and gore have really progressed since then but at the time this was messy.
I don't think I play that many brutal games, to be honest. The most violent would probably be GTA V and Call of Duty but those are pretty "normal". Nothing too bad except maybe the torture scene in GTA.
There are lots of voilent ones. The game i find the most violent, for just chaotic violence, is Postal series. Its a first person shooter. There is a story line, but you can literally just go "postal" on everyone

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