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Neutral Nova

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Nov 8, 2020
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A few decades ago you would have been hard pressed to find a group of people who believed in other universes and alien beings and so on, but now it's rare to find someone who doesn't. The more we advance technologically the more we learn about our universe.

Does this knowledge strengthen or weaken your belief in 'God'?
I have an open mind about inhabitants of other planets but I'm more likely to believe in the paranormal. I'm not religious so it makes no difference to my beliefs.
Definitely adds to my belief. Even Einstein, as much of an agnostic as he was, proclaimed his amazement at the extent of the universe and said that it could not have come together on its own.

The more I think about how small we are in comparison to our surroundings but yet how intricately each and every particle of the universe is set, I’m in total awe of how masterful and powerful my God is.

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