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The Failure of Public Schools


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Jun 20, 2020
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In the U.S.A and elsewhere, people have seen these places rot and/or produce a very inferior education. In that case, why not have vouchers so kids can go to private schools? However, though, that's saying public schools are so horrible, they cannot be redeemed maybe.
Private schools are not always good. I have been to one and it is a factory, not a centre of knowledge.
The high school I went to was an awesome one with high ratings. But the next town had a horrible high school and a big dropout rate.

I think that because of the lockdowns and school closures, doing remote learning, has caused our students to suffer greatly. The schools that remained open are pushing ahead and advancing while a lot of the other students struggle emotionally and intellectually.

Private schools CAN be the answer in some cases, but even with vouchers it can be costly because not everything is free for students.
The high school I went to was an awesome one with high ratings.
So was this one a private one?
If so what was your experience?
The government spends 16 percent of the total budget on the education sector. The money is used to fund the community schools, colleges, and universities (teachers' salaries and operational costs), yet the public educational performance is not good. That's because teachers are not qualified and also do not work sincerely.

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