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Telling the fortune with the use of cards


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Aug 4, 2020
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I know of several fortune tellers who can tell your fortune with the use of the playing cards, some use the Tarot and some use the ordinary 52 cards with the Jack, Queen and King. Now it makes me wonder why sometimes the prediction comes true although most of the times the prediction is false. A friend says those cards are guided by the devil.
Predictions coming true is just a coincidence. There is nothing science in this. In fact this is some kind of cheating. By the way, I have never gone to a card reader, but I am interested in visiting one of these days just to see what he has to tell about my future. The desire like this one is helping the card readong business flourish.
Fortune telling by studying the position and shifting of stars and planets is easy to believe for me, but I have never experienced the same with use of cards, I believe tarot cards are something that many people swear by. I would like to know and read more about it before commenting on it.

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