Sports you play

Jun 20, 2020
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United Kingdom
What sports, if any, do you play? How often do you play this/these sport(s)? Have you ever thought about playing a sport professionally? Has COVID-19 prevented you from participating in any sports?

I don't play any sport regularly but I enjoy going to the park and playing football every now and then. Football is a very tiring sport, and I'm a very lazy person, so I don't play very often, but I played football a lot in my childhood. I even wanted to pursue a career in football at one point, until I completely lost interest in playing football for some reason - now I stick to watching football instead.
I don't play sports much. I did play football with my friends from time to time before lockdown. Also I was on one my school's rugby team for 3 years and did rugby in a general sense for 5 years. I did many sports in school such as volleyball, water polo and cricket but not to a competitive or serious level like with rugby.
The first sport that I played was football when I was in grade school. In high school I shifted to basketball because it was the most popular sport on tv. I played competitively in community leagues and when I got to college I started handling teams by being a manager, trainer and coach. I also played chess but that is a boring sport that I consider for nerds only. Now I am interested in tennis but only for watching on tv. I don't think I can still indulge in sports at my age of 65.
I don't play sports all that much now.

I used to play Table tennis, Badminton before. I will have to make some time again, for these sports. Otherwise it will be hard to get back to playing again.
Well, I suppose pandemic is to be blamed for that. These days, I don't step out for months and I order everything online.