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Real hero hidden in the darkness
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Jul 25, 2020
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I like anything related to space.
I watched most of the space related movies like Interstellar, The Martian, Event horizon ...you name it.

To be honest, I would love to experience zero gravity in space. I would probably never be able to get a chace for that and I accepted it. So what about you guys? Do you like space? Do you think it's deadly? Or do you think of it as, just some mystery?
I just answered your Gravity post lol I put in there that I love astronomy. It is extremely fascinating. I can be outside & just look at the stars & be in awe. I don't think space is deadly. It's just 'there'.
Space seems to be highly unfit for humans - hence the deadly cosmic rays. That's why it's very tough to travel in space.
Space is cool but everything in space is dead. It would be hard to survive in space for very long. I do love looking through a telescope into space.
Going to space requires a lot of knowledge about it. Jet science club thought me during school days, that one can not stand well or sit comfortable in space. And that walking there is like sliding. Also one need to go with oxygen and the amount of oxygen required is calculated with respect to time that will be spent in the space.
I'm not into space at all, I don't watch that much space movies, I've seen Deep Impact and Armageddon though and they didn't really delve into space in a specific way. I did like them both though.

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