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So many trees were felled by the typhoon


The Philippines was hit by Typhoon Ulysses the other day, November 12. It was a terrible weather disturbance because of the strong winds and heavy rains. Our mango tree was felled and there's no way it can recover. In our village I had counted more than 10 big trees that were felled and that excludes small trees and banana plants. Now I am thinking of how we can prevent such destruction. Or is nature really hard to control?


Nature cannot be controlled, we can claim how much ever we want to but we are the ones who control it. As for your concern, it is indeed very hard to replace such fully grown trees that take years and years to grow, but I think there is plenty of technology and equipment now available that is used nowadays to move trees and plant them on new locations. That technology can be used to plant fallen trees as most trees that fall during storms are uprooted so the roots are intact. It will be very expensive but can be done.