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I'M IMPORTANT "Site Updates"

This thread will be be for all the current and future updates to the site, myself and @Spikey will add to this thread for all the back-end and front-end additions to ChatBanter.

Latest updates
  1. TPOM (Top Poster Of Month) has been added you will see a nice purple banner displayed in your postbit and on your profile
  2. Live Statistics on the site, you will see a sidebar widget with Latest Posts/Latest Threads.
  3. Site should be bug free so if anyone can let me know how the site is running and if you can see any problems please let me know.
I made the site logo and if anyone has some design skills please post some new ones below for me to look at and others - should we change the current one?

Got a nice update coming over the weekend for a better way to display articles and getting better content showing on the site.

Hope everyone is enjoying the site as it comes to its first month of being open, its come around quickly and i haven't started to advertise it yet ... remember keeping safe and well is the most important thing in this crazy times.

More updates to come over the next week or so.

Happy Dance GIF

Brad P
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Feb 1, 2021
IPS is a great software. Although, there are some things I don't agree in terms of their business practices, but, still great software. Even IPS 4.5 default theme is fantastic, clean, minimal, and easy to edit out-of-the box.

Also has a lot of user conversion tools built in. :)
I agree the business practices and not the best, I have IPS on a couple of sites 4.5 is really nice and smooth.
Brad P
Jun 3, 2020
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All the besy on the move, if you dont plan on using the xenforo styles i made ill be happy tp have them back? as i did put a few hours on them.

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