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Singapore is the cleanest and greenest place in Asia


Singapore's tagline is the cleanest and greenest place in Asia and I have to agree. Their laws on littering and cleanliness are so strict that even chewing a gum can get you arrested. The government is conscious of the environmental concerns that even smoking a cigarette is illegal. What's good in Singapore is that the citizens believe in the country's leader that they obey the laws. I just wonder if their air pollution is not getting worse because of the growing population that needs mobility via vehicles.


I agree ! I have seen numerous pictures of Singapore and it is simply amazing and wonderful how they have turned a once swamp into a paradise. Others need to learn from those people.


As industries keep springing up around the world, clean air is just not hundred percent available. All we need to do is to start looking for alternative means to lower engines and vehicles with solar energy for better and clean environment .


Singapore is a city nation, which means it is just a city with the status of a sovereign nation. Due to its small territory, the authorities have been fairly successful to manage the nation. I have never been to Singapore, but the country is in my bucket list.


I haven't been to Singapore but I have heard that it is indeed one of the cleanest cities in the world. I hope one day our country will be as clean as Singapore.