Short videos

Lord Saru

New Chatterer
Jun 22, 2020
After vloging, the trend today is making short videos. Whatever be the content of the video - jokes, cooking, reviews etc - people like them to be short, crip and summative.

What do you think is the ideal length of a shirt video? 30 seconds, 1 minute or what? Too lengthy videos can be a turn off and too shirt videos can deprive the videos of their entertainment potential.


Experienced Chatterer
Aug 4, 2020
I have to admit that I do not watch videos because I feel it robs me of my time. Reading a short article takes me a minute or 2 but watching a 3-minute video takes a long time. Anyway, a short video for me is 30 seconds or so but not to reach 1 minute. Short videos are easier to watch because they don't consume much time. By the way, I have some short videos on my YouTube channel and one is about my 40 push ups, waheehee.


Experienced Chatterer
Jul 30, 2020
Yes, I can relate with that. I like to watch videos of recipes and I prefer them to be really short, like 1 minute or so and sometimes, about 2 minutes. Anything longer than that, I just skip!


New Chatterer
Sep 19, 2020
I've never understood the short video trend. I can see it being a sometimes kind of thing, but being the primary source of entertainment doesn't make sense to me. Plus, it seems that too many younger people are finding ways to cause serious harm or trouble as a result.