Seeing things that are not real

Aug 4, 2020
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Maybe it can be likened to hallucination when you see things that are unreal but it is all about spirits. Not really a ghost but let's say you see a person with a familiar face going to the crowd and suddenly it is gone. That happened to me not once but several times. When I consulted a seer she said that a spirit is sending me a message. Unfortunately the message is not defined so it is like until now I am still waiting for the next appearance of that face.
There are so many many things that we do not know why they happen and how. Science is unable to explain so many things so far, things that we feel and hear and sometimes even see, but there is no rational explanation. So it can be safely said that there are paranormal things maybe spirits, or whatever else we may choose to call them.
A friend of mine in my former office said that spirits are roaming around and there are spirits in all places. Some are trying to tease us, some are making fun of us and some can harm us. But for me as long as I have not seen the spirits then I cannot believe even if someone close to me would swear that they had seen things moved by the spirit.