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Saving money

I had started saving when I was still studying in high school. I saved my weekly allowance given by my parents especially for my transportation. It's good at the end of the month I have money kept to be used in the future month to come.

It's not easy. It takes a sacrifice of your personal needs to forego them just to continue saving. I repeat it's difficult but I have to for we are poor. Money is important for our family. Thus I saved it

Now I have my own family to raise. It's I'm working. My salary is send to my ATM card. When I receive it, I just withdraw enough our month-long budget and the rest are kept in my bank account.
It has been my habit to save money since I was in grade school that until now that habit is still here. What's good in that habit is the control of spending. Somehow I don't splurge even when there is an excess of money because my direction is on how to save. That means the more money I hold, the more savings that I would have.
Just place all your money in a bank, you would earn time deposit for it, it's better than just saving money at home. I can't think of a way to save money at home other than not spending it.
Generally speaking, people try to save money that is left in their hands after paying bills and buying groceries, etc. However, saving should always start first. After you get your salary, you should save some portion of it, and then manage your expenses with the remaining funds.
I am a spender by nature. So what has helped me is dedicating my savings toward something. I establish short (less than a year), medium (1-5 years), and long term (5+years) goals/wants. It's important for me mentally to know that my savings have a purpose, otherwise, it feels expendable to me and I spend it on frivolous things.
Seriously in this pandemic i saved nothing. This was the worst year for me where i saved nothing. I am trying best to save money for future.

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