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Relieving stress with a pet


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Aug 4, 2020
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We had our first pet in 1996. It was a female puppy that got sick after 2 weeks with us. That puppy taught us how to love a pet. We named her Jedi and she stayed with us for 10 good years until she succumbed to kidney problems. Now we have learned so much about dogs that we presently have 3 dogs. My wife has hypertension that somehow got better with the dogs. Yes, our dogs are our stress reliever and they are so effective in our mood and mindset. My advice to single people is to have a pet.
Pet's are asure shot stress busters. (Sometimes they could cause some stress too though, especially cats!)

Spending time playing with your pets relaxes you. Unconditional love from them is also emotional booster.
I have a beautiful dog, and whenever I feel stressed out, all I need to do is sit in a room with her for 10 minutes.
Hi, I'm Barry Scott! Bang! And the stress is gone.
I have a pet too. He is a make pug. We got him when he was around 35 days and now he is 2 years and 7 months.

We chit chat and play around for 1 hour everyday. And believe me, the best advice I have heard today is what the OP is advising - single and stress? Have a pet.
While growing up, I have always had cats as pets and once a dog too. So I know they are really good for our mental and emotional wellbeing and physical too. But now since I live in an apartment it is not possible to have pets.
Pets are indeed a great stress reliever, they are actually recommended by doctors to have if a patient is currently recovering from any illness.
I have two beautiful dogs. One is Jack Russell and the other is a mixed breed. Both pets give me lots of love, kisses, & cuddles when I'm feeling low. And, there is definitely something positive which these creatures breathe into the atmosphere around me.

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