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Recycling foam from cushions.


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Jul 30, 2020
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I have searched for this information everywhere but haven't found anything helpful. I recently changed all my sofa cushions as the older ones had lost their shape and form. But I am now left with the old cushions and no one wants them. I don't just want to throw them out in the rubbish as it might be hazardous to environment. Any pointers please?
Unfortunately, foam is a hard one. Some areas may have the capability to recycle them. Best thing is to look into how to Reuse them. https://earth911.com/home-garden/7-ways-to-reuse-and-recycle-old-pillows/ This is for pillows, but may give you some ideas i.e. using them to make pet beds. Ask an animal shelter if they would take them. Post in your local newspaper if anybody could use them.
Thank you very much Zandraloi for the link, it is quite useful. Yes I have been told by many that it is really hard o recycle. I have seen people simply throwing them away in rubbish bins, but I didn't want to do that. I asked around and not many people were keen to accept them as donation, but the idea of posting ad or using them in animal shelter is great!
I hope you find something! I too love to recycle & do all I can & it irks me when I can't recycle something.

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