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Patreon as a Way for Site Revenue


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Jun 20, 2020
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Patreon can't be blocked with ad-blockers, so along with classifieds - it is another way for site owners to cash in. Anyway, though, making a Patreon will need a good following - but honestly, everything else does also. O.K., a revenue generating following can be made by collecting an email and/or social media list.

Well, what might you sell on your Patreon?
Can you explain more about Patreon? I do not know what exactly Patreon is. I have seen some video creators sharing Patreon links and asking to support them on Patreon but I have never checked those links. I had an impression that it was some form of donation-based earning? Is that correct?
I do not have a Patreon account to sell anything, but there is a person whom I follow online, and he has a Patreon account. I can see his videos on YouTube, but by following MonkeyWerx on Patreon, I get extra information that he puts out, I can watch the videos with no ads.
I have advance notice when he puts out a video, so I can actually watch the video I or read his report before it comes out anywhere else.

SpecOps Monkey is a former military, and he reports on what our military planes are doing, how many planes and helicopters are in the air, and if the president’s Air Force One is flying, he can usually tell that, too, unless he is flying off-radar. It is a really great way to keep up with events in the country.
It only costs $3 a month for the basic Patreon membership, which is pretty reasonable. I have been thinking that I need to check and see if any of the other people that I follow on Youtube or Twitter have Patreon accounts.

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