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Partially buried buildings from past eras.


Feb 6, 2021
If you have ever read anything about Tartaria, or mudfloods, you might have seen pictures of some of these old buildings, from the 1800’s, and even earlier. They were partially buried due to earthquakes, floods, or other natural disasters, and the tops of the buildings that are still above ground are the only part still being used.
When the city is doing some excavating for some reason, then they sometimes discover the remains of these older buildings, and it is fascinating to see the pictures of them actually being uncovered and discovered again.

There is a lot of information about the old buildings and how they were partially buried in what has been called “a reset”, and here is a link to one of the pages that shows some of the old parts of the buildings that have been below ground level for the last 100-200 years.



Aug 4, 2020
I think there are many structures and work of art that are still buried somewhere. If you have read the soldiers (statues) of China that were buried and found by archeologists, it was a great find considered to be a national treasure. But the pyramids of Egypt is the most fascinating to me.


Jan 3, 2021
Great article. I am particularly interested in old ruins and strangely I was as a child too. My favourite ruin is Corfe Castle located in the count of Dorset, UK and built by William the Conqueror; it dates back to the 11th century and was destroyed in 1645. We used to pass it every year on our way to our family holiday and I found it eerily interesting. It looked so majestic standing there I was completely in awe of it.



Jul 21, 2020
It would be cool to visit these historic buildings that have been buried. It would be fun to dig them out too, or maybe too much work to do so :D


Feb 6, 2021
Herculaneum near Pompeii has only been 25% excavated due to the fact that a modern city has been built over the ruins. As to Pompeii itself, only recently has the poor peoples section been excavated. This is where the people who made the famous (famous in those days) Pompanian fish sauce lived.

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