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Overacting with covid can create problems


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Aug 4, 2020
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I had posted a picture of 2 toddlers playing in our garden. My wife's sister who is a nurse turned ballistic when she saw the photo in Facebook. She said that kids are a big risk because they are asymptomatic. She is assuming that those kids are carriers of covid. It has created a problem because an argument ensued between me and my wife that I was too kind to the kids in the neighborhood. They may be right but I still insist that we should be thinking sanely and not exaggerated.
I agree, just because kids from neighbourhood are playing in your garden doesn't mean you will get infected. You can always maintain good distance and not let them come inside. Kids need safe places to play and if you have enough space, then there is no harm. Just make some necessary rules and make sure the kids obey them.
This period of covid-19, Practising social distance as advised by the World Health Organization is really the best for us. By that one can be sure never to come in contact with a carrier of the virus. Also use face mask if there is need to go out.
There is always an exam anyway, so people should just focus on that rather than assuming someone has Covid-19. They should, as a rule, have someone examined before making any assumptions that they're infected.

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