Old phones

Jun 20, 2020
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United Kingdom
What do you do with your old phones once you purchase a new one? Perhaps you chuck it in the bin (not advisable) or store it somewhere you don't value at all - which is what my parents do with their old phones. Maybe you sell your old phone, or even gift it to someone if it is still in good working condition.

I usually just give my old phones to my younger brother/cousins, but I'm planning on buying a new phone soon and I will be selling my old one (iPhone 7+) because I'm in desperate need of money at the moment, haha.
For me I'm trying my best to handle my phone with so much passion in the sense that when it gets old or I purchased a new one I can give to my junior one, friends, relative,,,.... And just to name a few in the sense that they them self will enjoy it at least to a certain degree of thier likeness
I still have one of my first phones. It was an old blackberry model and it works like a charm still. I just leave it in my desk and play brick breaker from time to time lol. I also found an old iPhone 4 in my desk a few weeks ago but need to find the charger for that and maybe try and retrieve some photos from there. :)
I used to trade them in when upgrading, but I started to keep my old phones these days, in fact, I have my original Moto Droid sitting under my monitors right now, and it still works just fine. So I suppose I'll do the same when it's time to move on from the Note 9.
I sell my old phones when upgrading, usually to CeX - WeBuy, Gumtree or eBay. It's extra cash that makes the purchase seem cheaper. Especially during these difficult economic times, where I'm desperate for money.
Before I came to college, I thought that phones are to be thrown into the waste bins after I stop using them. However, now the perspective is different because I just sell the old one for a meagre amount because O buy a new phone only when the old one stops working.

My parents, like most of the others, just store it and forget it. In perpetuity. XD